Last updated August 3, 2020


Epic Community Member means a healthcare organization using Epic software.

Materials means resources made available on open.epic to support your use of certain APIs and other interoperability technology described on open.epic, including documentation, specifications, and other information related to Epic’s implementation of various interfaces and APIs.

open.epic APIs means designated application programming interfaces (listed here) licensed directly by Epic Community Members from Epic to facilitate interoperability.

For Epic Community Members

Epic Community Members’ use of Materials related to the open.epic APIs is subject to the open.epic API Subscription Agreement.

Epic Community Members may use other Materials and resources on open.epic at their discretion and are solely responsible for how they choose to use these resources to interoperate with products and services. The Materials are provided to you as-is with no warranties, express or implied.

For Developers

Open.epic enables you to use the open.epic APIs, certain interfaces, and other standards-based and Epic-developed application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect and interact with Epic Community Members. Open.epic includes Materials you can use as you develop, test, market, offer, deploy, and support products or services that interact with the interfaces and APIs available on open.epic. The Materials are provided to you as-is with no warranties, express or implied. You may use the Materials available on open.epic freely as long as you follow these rules:

  1. This website is the source of truth for current versions of the Materials. You can keep copies of the Materials for yourself, but do not distribute them. Instead, link others directly to the Materials made available on open.epic.
  2. You own what you develop using the Materials. Epic owns the Materials, as well as any Epic-provided improvements to or learnings based on the Materials, such as enhancements made by Epic to our testing tools or documentation. We want to encourage a vibrant developer environment, so if you suggest a way to improve the Materials and we use your suggestion, it may become part of the Materials for anyone to use without any obligation or notice to you.
  3. You’re responsible for your products and/or services and how they interact with Epic Community Members’ Epic software. You’re also responsible for complying with all applicable laws, including not infringing on Epic’s or others’ intellectual property rights. Some interoperability technology made available on open.epic may require an Epic Community Member to license additional functionality or build additional workflows, so where possible please help our mutual customers avoid surprises by working closely with them and directing them to Epic with any questions related to Epic software.
  4. If you want to use open.epic or Epic's name or other trademarks, please do so in accordance with our Trademark Usage Guidelines. If you want to use an Epic Community Member’s logo or other intellectual property for any reason, you might need to obtain their express permission in advance. 
  5. Epic provides the Materials and other resources on open.epic for your use and you decide how to use them to interoperate with and provide your products and services to Epic Community Members. You agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Epic, its subsidiaries, and all of its and their employees, officers, directors, contractors and other personnel from and against any Claim (defined below) that in any way arises out of or relates to any of your products or services, or the use of or inability to use any of your products or services. “Claim” means all claims, demands, investigations, inquiries, and actions, and all liabilities, damages, fines, and expenses arising out of or relating thereto, including without limitation settlement costs and attorneys’ fees.
  6. Direct access to Epic’s software (including an Epic Community Member’s system) is not required to develop, test, deploy, or support your product or service. You can test your product or service through the open.epic sandbox or by working with a particular Epic Community Member. Direct access to Epic’s software can only be granted by both an Epic Community Member and Epic.
  7. The interfaces and APIs available on open.epic represent a subset of the interoperability technology that Epic offers to support the access, exchange, and use of electronic health information and other data. Other value-added APIs and services are available on different terms through different processes and programs.